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Brand Innovation

“Shawn Parr and the Bulldog Drummond team were paramount in shaping the look and feel of our brand in a way that truly conveys our mission, values and DNA. Their ability to transform real-time insights and opportunities into a comprehensive brand strategy and tangible deliverables has had immediate impact on our business and changed the way guests view our brand.”


A Brand Just Made Better

PDQ means People Dedicated to Quality. They are a popular and successful fast casual restaurant with a passion for chicken. All of their food is made from fresh ingredients on premise by people who love what they do. PDQ knew they had amazing food that people love, and in preparation for their next chapter of growth they also needed a brand-driven restaurant experience that clearly communicated the promise of their food, service and values. They asked Bulldog Drummond to help them refine and elevate their brand and create a physical experience as amazing as their food. 


Working closely with key leaders to dig deep into their business, interview guests and eat a lot of chicken, we uncovered their secret sauce and the elements that make PDQ special—which, as it turns out, is their sauce. Literally. This inspired their new look and feel as well as their new saucy voice. We then crafted a new brand platform that authentically reflects who PDQ is at their core and drives differentiation and connection with their guests. With the platform crafted, we developed a new visual articulation of the brand and a customer experience to match using vibrant colors, a custom sauce-brush typeface and a signature photography style to help redefine the brand. The brand rollout has been carefully applied to new menus, a new digital platform, uniforms, restaurant experience design, communication and community engagement. Sales, guest engagement and understanding and excitement around the brand have grown significantly.


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