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"We knew we needed to launch our new values and leader behaviors in a lasting, cross-company, and experiential approach. Bulldog helped us bring both to life in a memorable way, serving as a catalyst for transforming our culture."


Reconnecting an organization to its purpose and values

Bridgepoint Education wanted to evolve their culture in support of a better place to work based on their newly defined belief structure that included their mission, values, leader behaviors and employee value proposition. Bulldog Drummond was asked to develop two experiences—one for leaders and one for employees—to launch their new brand tenets and engage their entire team on the journey. 


We worked with the Bridgepoint team to design the leadership and all-employee experiences as a series of workshops. Together we identified the reasons behind the work, the expected outcomes and the type of experience that would best resonate with employees. Bulldog then designed two inspiring learning experiences authentic to the journey of the brand. The first experience prepared leaders to guide the evolution of the culture and examine what it means to be an inspiring leadership team. The second experience focused on employees, generated excitement for a shared future, promoted new connections and acted as a catalyst for evolving the culture and using the values to make good decisions that benefit the entire organization.  

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"Partnering with Bridgepoint, we designed immersive experiences for leaders and team members bringing the values to life in a personal way connecting to both head and heart."
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