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March 20, 2019
Project Manager

Bulldog Drummond, a renowned innovation and design consultancy based in SanDiego, is comprised of a collection of thinkers and doers, helping organizations solvetheir toughest challenges, unlock potential and deliver revenue.

We are looking to addto our team of Project Managers who facilitate client projects and help to support ourteam of strategists and designers.There is no exact type for this role, but experience in project management, bothdirectly with clients as well as within an agency team is required. We don't wantpeople exactly like us, as we value new perspectives, but we do require people wholive our values every day.

We will know the candidate is right when we've had thechance to spend time together, understand what makes her or him tick and review realwork product.There are some things we know we need in the role and are happy to share more ofwhat you will do and how we measure performance. Keep in mind, "how" mattersgreatly at Bulldog Drummond, it's not just about being being good in front of the roomor great in managing people and tasks.


•  Serious self-awareness and a service mindset
•  Ambition to better yourself and the organization through daily learning
•  Good at asking questions without presuming the answer
•  Pragmatic optimism with a focus on what can be done
•  Meticulous in planning and organization
•  Thorough in documentation and communication
•  Ability to anticipate potential problems and to proactively work to solve them
•  A passion for systems and processes
•  Ability to share opinions and challenge others in a respectful way
•  Ability to make sense of complex situations and prioritize effectively
•  Role models the accountability and collaboration expected from the project team
•  Tact and persistence in achieving project milestones and goals
•  Good eye for graphic and information design
•  Proactive in establishing and developing relationshipsCalm under pressure ofdeadlines, changing requirements and multiple stakeholders
•  A healthy dose of nottaking yourself too seriously

•  Preparing Statements of Work
•  Preparing Proposals and/or RFP Responses
•  Estimating hours for current/potential projects and preparing Bid sheets
•  Opening New Jobs
•  Managing projects within our project management systems (Harvest/Basecamp)
•  Managing projects within our resource and time management system (Forecast)
•  Working with new clients on initial project/client set-up and documents collection
•  Creating project timelines and making updates as needed both internally andexternally
•  Internal project management with our design and production teams (Basecamp) i.e.,open jobs, brief projects to internal team(s), update projects based on client feedback,etc.
•  Attending client meetings (i.e., kickoff, milestone meetings, etc.)
•  Managing communication with project freelancers and vendors (i.e., photographers,illustrators, etc.)
•  Internal project communication in multiple formats
•  External project communication and relationship maintenance (i.e., overall relationship,deliverables, reviews in-person or via phone or video, project feedback with clients,etc.)
•  Managing client/projects calendar
•  Scheduling client calls, meetings and reviews
•  Proofing decks, documents and other deliverables
•  Checking work against briefs

•  Client success and appreciation - the ultimate metrics by which we are all measured
•  Stellar internal and external project management to the Bulldog standard—on-time,every time
•  Proactively learning the Bulldog methodology and system, and suggestingimprovements where needed
•  Quickly assimilating into the team and the Bulldog culture
•  Humility within the team and in front of clients
•  Representing Bulldog and its values with the utmost respect

•  At least 5 years of experience in a similar role
•  Understanding of basic business, brand, design and project management principles ofthe industry
•  Basic to Proficient knowledge of Mac OSX, Adobe Acrobat, and Google softwaresuite (Gmail, Calendars, Docs, etc.)
•  Top-notch reviewing and proofing skills
•  Flexibility for after-hours work (when client deadlines require)
•  Long periods in a seated position

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