Get Over Yourself Uncommon Truth No. 102

Guiding Principles

Our Uncommon Sense Principles express the way we look at the world. They guide our thinking, sharpen our focus and help us remain curious about the people and places around us. Each month, we explore one of these Uncommon Sense Principles in depth on our blog. The articles, stories and other bits and bobs that we share are all designed to help you dive deeper, and apply a little Uncommon Sense to your own life and work.

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur - Ask Yourself these 10 Questions by Bulldog Drummond
Don’t Stop Until You Weep by Lori Sparger
How to Solve Problems and Promote Innovation by Bulldog Drummond
One Country. Two Worlds. One Idea. by Peter Sims
If You Can't Easily Explain What Your Product Does, You Have A Problem by Bulldog Drummond
Lessons From A Startup As They Happen: The Crew by Elisa Hills and Erika McKellar

People have diverse talents that manifest personally and professionally. Encourage your employees to spend time wit…