Keep Calm And Soldier On

Written by Olivia Purvis

Blogging is a funny business. It’s a new phenomenon, so it’s constantly and rapidly evolving. There are no rules or procedures to follow, and most of the time, you’re making it up as you go along—in the most professional, inspiring and valuable way possible, of course. There’s no class offered at the university to learn how to “make it work” as a full-time blogger (though at this point, I’m sure it’s only around the corner) and generally success is built upon networking, being brave and simply giving 110%. But then again, that’s not exclusive to blogging, is it?

Being self-employed and having your own business is a guessing game at its finest. There’s no one to tell you when to switch off at 5pm, and working from the bed/sofa/train is a new and necessary pastime. At the best of times, you feel like you could get sussed out at any minute, as it’s somewhat impossible to know your value with no one above you to let you know if you’re even doing this “thing” right. It’s scary, exciting and each day is completely different from the last.

The hardest thing about blogging as a business is having it be accepted as one. Admittedly there are times I’m asked, “So, what is your real job?” or, “What else do you do apart from blogging?” It can be difficult to respond, and arduous to find yourself justifying your career to someone as having importance in a saturated and ever growing industry (I’m trying—and I certainly do more than wear pink dresses, eat macaroons and post about it on the internet). Although justification can be somewhat exhausting at times, it can also fuel your inspiration and determination.

As long as people keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Being self-motivated isn’t always an easy task, but ultimately comes down to being inspired and knowing that anything is, and can be, possible. Mindset is a powerful thing, and if you believe in yourself, you can break down the barriers. Once you’re confident and you begin to soak up the inspiration that surrounds you, it’s up to you to harness its power.

When I started writing my blog four years ago, I was so inspired by the beautiful photographs, homegrown and eloquent writing skills and style these girls possessed that I was determined to get a snip of the action myself. I had no idea that in four years time I’d be reaching out to a global audience and winning blog awards for doing the same. It’s surreal and a bit mind blowing, but it shows that even a girl who used to wait tables and sell popcorn at a shopping mall stand on Saturdays can follow her dreams—completely corny, but ultimately true.

I’m here to tell you that anyone can have a slice of this style, food and lifestyle filled pie—it’s yours for the taking. Just don’t give up when you’re still writing to a handful of people (or, ahem, your parents). The dedication is worth it and pays off, I promise—just mind your own business.

Olivia is a London-based fashion and style blogger, and curator of What Olivia Did. You can find her on Twitter: @livpurvis, Facebook, and her blog

7 Responses to Keep Calm And Soldier On

  1. Lil Ashton says:

    This is so sweet and encouraging! I won’t give up on my dreams, even the most ridiculous ones! Thank you :o )

  2. Xenia says:

    Olivia is one of my favourite bloggers and this post was very inspiring! As a small blogger myself I can find staying motivated hard, but its people like Olivia that encourage me to continue!

  3. Nikki says:

    Thanks for being so inspiring Liv!


  4. Kate says:

    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! Starting out is tough but it’s great to know you can reach your goals with time and hard work! xo

  5. This is good advice and so inspiring. I’ve just started a blog, but it’s been a long time coming, mainly because I wasn’t confident enough to try. Thank you for your pep talk, I shall share it and hopefully inspire others to keep trying :D Lexie X(@tickety_blue, and

  6. Kate says:

    Such an inspirational post! This has helped me out loads with wanting to keep up blogging :D

  7. Onyxsta says:

    I still struggle to understand how some have groomed it into a full time job & have expressed my concerns around it on my blog. If you could shed some light on that? It would be very much appreciated


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