BULLDOG DESIGN: More Health for More People

New Hope Natural Media sits at the center of the natural products industry, serving as the go-to solution and trusted advisor for business and consumer alike–in print, online and in person.

When they came to us, they knew they had the knowledge and know-how to guide the industry through its next evolution, but they asked us to help ensure their brand was perfectly poised and positioned to lead the charge. We worked with their team to develop a brand framework that harnesses, connects and unlocks their unique industry position, and together we defined and clarified their purpose and promise into a new vision for the New Hope brand.

To socialize this vision across the company, Bulldog designed a brand book and story that brought the framework to life. We used natural textures and hand drawn elements, juxtaposed with bold type and pops of bright green to create a sense of organic modernity, which clearly speaks to the essence of their purpose and promise. This brand expression serves as an inspirational foundation so New Hope can guide, connect and nurture companies and people to foster true health.


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